The Space Between Us

An exploration into the social interaction and disconnect within society. What we value. What we don’t.  What do we notice that causes us to react. I keep this curiosity with me as I travel and in a way it assists my impression of a time, place, culture and society.


When I grow Up
Land and sea


Daphne Wong – Trinity

Daphne Wong is an emerging fashion designer based in Perth.

In the December 2015, Daphne completed her Bachelor of Arts-Fashion at Curtin University.  She had her first conceptual collection TRINITIES showcased at NO13 Curtin Graduate Fashion Show and was awarded the 2015 X-Press Fashion Award.

After graduating, she continued to develop and investigate features in her designs to explore the possibility of unconventional pattern making, instead of using traditional pattern block. This explorative period enabled Daphne to revisit the original concept of her designs, guided by mind and spirit, in an attempt to enhance the collection.

Trinities Principle:

  • Body, Mind, Spirit

  • Past, Present, Future

  • Creation, Preservation, Destruction

My involvement with the project began in January as a fan of Daphnes’ designs. After a handful of creative meetings, a test photo shoot and experimentation with dry ice we met at the end of February to shoot the Trinity Look Book for the Vancouver Fashion Week 2017.

Here are some shots from the test shoot.

Follow Daphne’s journey here

Owen Gregory Photography



Splender in Olby. July 30th 2016

Driving through the Auvergne region in the centre of France is breath-taking. With sweeping roads that take you through some of France’s most picturesque countryside its hard not to fall in love with the place as Antoine and Solene have. The marquee was transformed into an Island paradise with custom paintings hung on the wall, an amazing bespoke Rum bar, bamboo centre pieces displaying photographs of the incredible adventures they have had together.

The day was not all smooth sailing though! Moments of heavy rain threatened to dampen the festivities. However the Glastonbury Festival – like entrance created by this enhanced the fun and excitement left in store for the night.