When Love Comes to Town

March 19th

Jean and Leon

When Love Comes To Town

It was a warm breezy autumn day in Perth on the 19th. I got the feeling upon my first meeting with Jean and Leon that family was important. Both living in Sydney you would wonder why they would wed in Perth. But it was the only way they could have important family members present to share the moment they became husband and wife. Though the ceremony was simple and small the amount of warmth and happiness in the room was infectious. That afternoon they left for the airport en route to their respected destinations.

Kirra and Nnamdi – Summertime Happiness

Summer Time Happiness – January 3rd 2018

Basking in the late afternoon sunshine of a cooler than expected summers day the new year celebration continued for the friends and family of Nnamdi and Kirra. After an intimate and relaxed ceremony filled with laughter and smiles we headed to the South Perth foreshore to capture this series of photos and hear more stories and adventures from this beautiful, jovial couple… 

Djuki Mala

Djuki Mala (Djuki meaning ‘Chooky’ with a Yolngu accent and Mala meaning ‘mob’) perform a high-energy and stunning fusion of traditional Indigenous culture, contemporary dance and storytelling.

Their performances are quite captivating, humorous, engaging and exciting to watch and their joy on stage is infectious. However they also have moments emotive and expressive brilliance that highlight the diversity of the Yolngu traditional dance.

I saw them perform at One Fine Day



A walk in the Park……

Clint and Marie

It’s always exciting to meet new couples and hear their stories of adventure. I say adventure because life/love is tough and when one person is from a west Australian wheatbelt town and the other is from Germany you can bet your cotton socks that this beautiful couple would have a story to tell.

A story they did.

There was so much love in the room. It was like a romantic mist sweeping across everyone in attendance. The laughter, hugs and tears of everyone present made the day more special. Big shout out to Jed for the amazing job he did for the day for one of his best mates.


Kim and Josh

Life is certainly one big adventure and for Kim and Josh the drive down south to their property in Kojonup is the best example of their relationship. Epic, genuine, stunning, enduring and heartfelt. Its not hard to see the charm of Kojonup. Once you turn off the main drag from Albany highway the landscape hits you like a slap in the face. Lake Towerrinning was equally breathtaking as much as it was a surprise. And the view from the top of the paddock overlooking the landscape towards Bunbury in the west was glorious. Made better with good company and beverages. My wife and I had a great afternoon discovering the history of the Kojonup Township with these two great people. It’s no wonder they are all smiles! Looking forward to being back there in March.

Young and Beautiful – 1 Fell Swoop

Lost in a sea of lush over-grown grass. The green felt tones of the ground sway with our movement with the circle we find ourselves in. Surrounded by a protective wall of golden-bronze melaleuca keeping our location hidden and camouflaged. The tonal quality of One Fell Swoops designs marries the landscape of the Secret Garden location. Subtle, delicate, vibrant and stunning. Erin glides through the natural landscape, lost in search, in power, awakened by the surroundings she finds herself in.

Clothing @1_fell_swoop

Make and Hair @ashbrockman

Model @ehkluedo

Accessories @hunterstore and @mountainandmoon

Tog @owengregoryphoto




Dea Delia

Up and coming stylist turned designer Style Decoy has released a line of earrings and chokers in time for the summer festival season and things are starting to heat up for this talented individual. The jewellery utilises a mixture of bright, bold and edgy colours in line with the streetscapes Style Decoy uses as her backdrop for photoshoots and inspiration.

Keep an eye out for her bespoke designs with plenty more to be released soon. Follow the story here. www.facebook.com/deadelia.collection/

Shheat Sessions Scarborough by Audiovault

November 13th

What a great way to spend the morning on the stunning shores of Scarborough beach in Western Australia for Shhweat Sessions organised by @audiovault. An insane amount of fun following people working up a sweat with circuit work by @F45_training_scarborough, complemented with a relaxing Yoga routine prepared by the team from @theyogagarageperth. Participants where connected to the instructor’s guidance via headphones by @_aromafx.

After a killer work-out the icing on the cake was a dip in the ocean accompanied by delicious food by @thesandbarscarborough with drinks (awesome coffee) by @black_matter_coffee and hydration by @sexywater8

All those who participated loved the event and can’t wait to do it all again. Maybe I’ll attempt some Pilates and reward myself with a fresh pour of coffee.

Get your Shhweat on!




I’ve grown up surrounded by music. My Grandma taught herself guitar and piano. My mum taught herself guitar so she could sing songs by The Carpenters whilst we were doing our homework. My older brother sang and played clarinet, whilst my younger brother rocks the drums. I studied classical guitar and transitioned to rock, driven by the sounds of the Seattle music scene of the nineties from the likes of Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains etc. There was always a desire to be the next Sonic Youth/Smashing Pumpkins/Tea Party rock outfit jamming with mates in high school. We would go to gigs and be in awe of local rockers Heavy Weight Champ, Karnivool, The Scientist and more.

My love for music continues to this day and I place high importance in capturing the artists in a way that reflects their character of expression within their music and the harmony/disharmony of their stage persona.