Fervor | Karijini Experience 2019

Food. Food. Glorious Food. Since the rise and popularity of cooking shows like Masterchef food culture has increased exponentially. We’re plating up our homemade creations with pride and describing meals like we’re in a creating writing class.  Lightly sprinkled, freshly hand-picked, organically grown coriander from our veggie garden.                                I’m a big fan of the passion being spread and the joy this new found form has taken but sometimes it seems a bit out of place.

But instead of focusing on where things are going slightly wrong, lets have a look at the culinary experience when it is done Oh SO right!

Meet “Fervor”

The culinary experience which is a must at least once in your life. It’s rare for me to find food as a topic, intriguing or interesting. I like food. I have a huge appetite and can burn the calories off in time before my next meal.

This is where Fervor shines. Every action in their thought process is well considered, executed with care, skill and creative genius. The brainchild of Paul “Yoda” Iskov, Fervor combines the use of locally sourced native ingredients AKA “Bushtucker” – that replace the regular table seasonings and condiments – creating fine-dining 5 star quality food in the location the ingredients are sourced from.

Theres a lot to like about the whole experience. Delicious food paired with stunning landscapes and fantastic service. Its not only a restaurant on wheels its an immersion and integration of food culture and mindset that should be embraced a lot more than it is.

Here for the Karijini experience their degustations were completely sold out. The reasons why were captured below.