Jason and Yih’s wedding. All smiles and laughter.

22nd of July

All smiles and laughter

Its always a gamble having your wedding in winter. It could rain. You could get blown away. Storms may loom on the horizon. But if your wedding deadline falls in this time it’s a risk you have to take. And it paid off for Jason and Yih.

The sun shone as large and as brightly as their personalities. I can’t imagine these guys angry or stressed in each other’s company. Though they may have their moments, when we were taking their portraits their laughter, jokes and excitement echoed off the walls of Wolf Lane. I have not seen a couple laugh as much as these too.

It was amazing to be around and infectious. I loved every minute of it.

It felt like hanging out with old friends even though we had literally just met.

The reception was held at the beautifully crafted Nine Fine food, their favourite Perth restaurant. The food looked and smelt delicious and went down an absolute treat from all reports. The humour and fun continued with the cake. “I love You…. I KNOW!”, placed on the top tier of the cake like a Hollywood billboard. On the remaining tiers iced versions of Princess Leia and Han Solo look deep into each other’s eyes whilst Darth Vader stalks them in the foreground.

The night had just begun. The warmth in the restaurant, on a typically cold winters night was forgotten as smiles, hugs, laughter and tears filled the room. It was such a great celebration.