Caves to Canals. Yallingup Wedding

Caves to Canals. A Yallingup wedding.


Rienhardt and Marileen’s story is beautiful as it is epic. They grew up in the same town in South Africa but it was Perth where they found each other and in an intimate ceremony at Caves House in Yallingup, on a gusty winters day, Reinhardt and Marileen tied the knot under the shelter of a beautifully large Ficus at the Emily Rose Terrace. Although the rain threatened to dampen the mood of the ceremony it stayed away as pockets of sunshine shone through the leaves of the surrounding trees onto the bride and groom.

I was struck by the warmth, humour and love in both of their vows which they wrote to each other. It was a moving moment and something that I enjoy experiencing with weddings.

Being a tourist spot there were plenty of people there discovering the wonder and awe that we already knew of at Canal Rocks. One such couple on vacation thought both Reinhardt and Marileen were models and wanted me to ensure they would be paid well, given the windy conditions. I smiled and ensured them they would.

Canal rocks is not just a beautiful spot for exploring rocks and the coastline. It is, as it turns out, an absolute cracker of a spot to fish. In our first meeting I was shocked at how enthusiastic Reinhardt and Marileen (in particular) were with fishing. They love it! I do to. So when I suggested we bring a rod down for the portrait shots they were all for it. I didn’t realise they would actually do it and not only use it as a prop, but Reinhardt caught a decent sized Skippy with it. I was speechless.

Their secret fishing location involved crossing a smaller canal that managed to nearly knock us in the water. But what we captured while we were there was stunning! These two are as beautiful and genuine on the inside as they are out and it was an absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon, climbing rocks, splashing in the ocean and fishing with you.