Travel Diaries #2 Kalbarri

The west Australian coastline is as epic as it is beautiful. Sweeping cliff sides of roaring colour erupt from the ocean and have created the stunning coastline around Kalbarri. From the mystical pink Lake of Port Gregory leading north to the southern boundary of the coral coast, Kalbarri, there is something truly profound as you meander up George Grey Drive into town.

Passing the iconic views from the Natural Bridge lookout, walking the barrier-less Bigurda Trail towards Eagle Gorge, one can’t help but connect with the landscape and feel the power of the ocean as waves break into the cliff face and the wind roars across the scrubland. We were fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins swim by in between witnessing Kestrels in hunt and large seabirds in flight.

Inland the Murchison River flows like a vein through Kalbarri National Park. Loose rocks and ladder climbs add adventure to the spectacular scenery and provide an impressive terrain to hike in.

Fishing is incredible however be cautious of all the massive seabirds that will compete for your catch.