There is an intensity and curiosity lined through the streets of Morocco. Visually stunning from the chaos and maze of the Jamal El Finah Medina in Marakesh to the out of this world baron landscapes of the Atlas mountains. There is a fierce pace to this land that is both captivating as much as it is scary. On first impressions the senses are hit hard. The smell of new leather goods, aromatic spices, oils, tagine-cooked food. The sound of Berber music melodically serenading the streets whilst vendors yell at one another competing for business. The vibrantly coloured products that reflect and are illuminated by the scorching sun. All enhanced by the dramatic intensity and changes in the landscapes and environment. Morocco, you sensationally erratic part of the world. You held my curiousity, wonder and attention longer than I thought possible…….

How good are Donkeys!

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