Sweet, Sweet Baklava

Gloria and Seyhan

April 15th   2019

It was a typical Autumn day in Perth. Clear blue skies erupt as soft winds wonder by. The story of Seyhan and Gloria dates back to the festivities and party of her sisters’ wedding in Bali where the two of them both met. From there began an adventure they both didn’t see coming. Full of travel, history and new cultural discoveries.


What started over pizza continues with more adventure…….







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Young and Beautiful - 1 Fell Swoop

Lost in a sea of lush over-grown grass. The green felt tones of the ground sway with our movement with the circle we find ourselves in. Surrounded by a protective wall of golden-bronze melaleuca keeping our location hidden and camouflaged. The tonal quality of One Fell Swoops designs marries the landscape of the Secret Garden location. Subtle, delicate, vibrant and stunning. Erin glides through the natural landscape, lost in search, in power, awakened by the surroundings she finds herself in.

Clothing @1_fell_swoop

Make and Hair @ashbrockman

Model @ehkluedo

Accessories @hunterstore and @mountainandmoon

Tog @owengregoryphoto




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Bienvenue! Welcome.  I am a portrait and wedding photographer located in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I want to create artistic imagery. Original, unique, playful and engaging. I like simplicity in photography and work towards photographing like the greats. I’m inspired by the candid photography of  Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson. I am stunned by the landscapes of Ansel Adams. I am in awe of the patience and dedication of Sebastião Salgado’s powerful, raw and emotive work. And I am captivated by the beautiful portrait work of Annie Leibovitz.

Life is full of surprises and adventures.  I look forward to hearing yours and expressing them in photographs.

Travel has provided me with amazing opportunities, stories and encounters and I would be ecstatic to travel to photograph your wedding, family, friends or pets in regional Australia or abroad and can offer customised packages for you.

Follow my journey and adventures here at  my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,